Hyperlay Markout creates markout sheets for your shows. In a gorgeous and focused User Interface.

Dark. Focused. Markout.

Hyperlay Markout is an innovative rigging app that automates the process of creating a markout list for the rigging industry. Hyperlay Markout does away with markout using a piece of paper, replacing it with an app that is orders of magnitude faster and more efficient all whilst being easy to use and familiar to riggers.

With over 8 unique features and integration into existing workflows, Hyperlay Markout will transform your rigging workflow allowing you to save hundreds of hours in markout time taking in more shows as a result.
Interactive Markout Sheet

A step-through markout list with a beautiful and focused dark User Interface that supports both portrait and landscape orientations on iPhone and iPad.

Built-in Unit Converter

Load data from a drawing with any unit and mark it out in another. All units are supported (metric & imperial) and can be changed at any time from the settings.

Points Filter

Ability to filter the markout list to display only Stage Right (SR) or Stage Left (SL) points. With a single tap.

Move Datum

Move datum to most upstage or most downstage points and save valuable time by eliminating 3 of 6 tapes on the floor.

Rigging Plot

Along with the markout sheet, Hyperlay Markout automatically creates a rigging plot for your show, for even better visualization of data. Simply tap your show file  in settings to view the plot.

Versatile Import Interface

Hyperlay Markout easily imports different styles of pointlists exported from CAD (e.g. Autocad, Vectorworks) or Excel. Simply tap Import in settings and Hyperlay Markout will do the rest.

Recent Files

Hyperlay Markout  stores locally the 10 most recently-opened files, allowing you to switch between shows while on the road with ease.

PDF Export

Need to print a physical markout sheet as a backup? Hyperlay Markout got your back.

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