Template files that make it easy to set up your CAD software to work with Hyperlay. It is recommended to keep the motor symbols in a block. Then it is possible to work with one origin of the venue and one origin of the show in the same drawing.

The dwg block will export a csv file that works directly with Autocad, using the build in Dataextraction tool.
.dwg files are used with Autocad

.sta files are template files with user settings for the Hoist Tool that comes with VectorWorks Spotlight.

Metric Motor block

Metric set of motor symbols with attributes that makes it easy to export coordinates of your show with Autocad's build in Dataextraction.

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Show Template

Vectorworks template file. Settings to make the Spotlight Hoist Tool export data formatted for Hyperlay.

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Files to test out Hyperlay.

.rigproj is the native Hyperlay project file type. It is used to share shows across multiple devices, or to store a setup for later usage. .rigproj files are exported by Hyperlay Enterprise and can be opened by all versions of Hyperlay. All user settings are stored with the point list.

.csv is a standard file format, in this case usually exported from Autocad or Vectorworks. But it can also be saved from Excel or Numbers. This file format is used to transfer the point list from the CAD software to Hyperlay and can only be opened by Hyperlay plus. Common encoding of the i.csv file is accepted.

Hyperlay Project - Example 1

Use this file to explore all the facilities of Hyperlay. Can be opened with all versions of Hyperlay.

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Hyperlay Project - Example 2

Use this file to explore all the facilities of Hyperlay. Can be opened with all versions of Hyperlay.

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Pointlist Sample, Imperial

Example of CSV file as it looks when exported from Vectorworks. Use this file to explore how to import a file into hyperlay. Imperial units used.

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Pointlist Sample, Metric

Example of CSV file as it looks when exported from Vectorworks. Use this file to explore how to import a file into hyperlay.Metric units used.

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VectorWorks Project - Example

Created using the Hoist Tool (included in VectorWorks Spotlight). This show example can be used to export .CSV which can be imported into Hyperlay.

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