The Ultimate Arena Rigging App.

Do More. In Less Time.

Hyperlay is a rigging app that helps you automate calculations of various aspects needed in the pre-production and load-in phase of setting up a show…and much more.

Hyperlay has already saved experienced riggers, productions and venues hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars setting up their shows. Hyperlay is built for riggers by riggers.
Bridle Calculations

Create assembly of individual bridles. Calculate internal forces between the legs and attachment points of the bridles. Get in-depth information about hook height and clearance to beams in order to make the right decisions.

Load Distribution

Calculate the load distribution applied to the venue. Simply tap on a beam or a secondary to view the total load on that beam.


Create a sortable intelligent markout list, ready to chalk out. Points inline are automatically visually grouped together to minimize errors while chalking out. Small tolerances (e.g. from lazy snapping in CAD software) are automatically filtered out.

Steel Counting

Automatically count points and calculate the steel count of the entire setup including wires, chains, shackles, master links, and even burlaps.

Incredible Set of Built-in Utilities

Hyperlay is a rigging tool packed with a sophisticated set of built-in utilities that makes use of the iPhone's sensors and touch screen to help you get your work done quickly and easily.
Bearing Compass

Harnessing the iPhone's gyroscope, Hyperlay's built-in compass tells you when you are correctly facing a bridle.

Origin Control

With Origin Control, you can quickly move and rotate a show's origin.

Units Switcher

Switch at any time between meters, millimeters, feet, inches, kilograms, pounds, kilo-newton and tons. From any location in the app.


Easily measure distances between points or between points and beams using the built-in distance tool.

Points Filter

Easily filter the points list to show only Stage Right (SR) or Stage Left (SL).

Safety First

Hyperlay as a rigging tool puts safety first and will vibrate your iPhone to warn you, for example, if Steels WLL has been exceeded.


Hyperlay contains a growing number of venues in several countries who use the app for smarter stage and arena rigging. Instructions on how to get your venue added to Hyperlay can be found here. Check out some of the venues available in Hyperlay below.

Hyperlay Screenshots

Check out some in-app screenshots below. Want to see more? Hyperlay will be available soon in the App Store!

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